Deer camp is really about the stories.  Stories about the way it used to be always get better with the telling.  We seem to never tire of telling the same stories over and over about that hunt that took place last year of forty years ago.  The new generation of hunters that are growing up, sitting around the campfire or the wood stove listening wide eyed to the tales of previous generations.  There is something almost primal in this tradition.  We remember those before us and recall our own feeling of wonder when we were youngsters listening to those tales by those who taught us to hunt and to feel the excitement and anticipation of tomorrows hunt. Since time immemorial our ancestors prepared for the hunt and trained the next generation of hunters in this manner.  The weapons of the hunt may have changed somewhat and our harry half naked ancestors could not comprehend the clothing and gear that we now use.  The only real difference is, for most of us at least, an unsuccessful hunt doesn’t mean starvation.  We can always open another can of beans if we fail to close the deal.

We want to make Deer Camp Magazine another venue for the novice hunter to learn from others.   The old ways are soon forgotten if not told and retold.  The internet makes those stories available to more novice hunters as well as those just yearning to once again experience those golden opportunities.

In that spirit we will start publishing your short stories and memories.

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