5 Shooting Glasses For Your Summer Range Work

Here we are in the dog days of summer and all we can do is look towards the fall.  The best thing to do to pass the time is put in some range work and hone our skills. There are lots of ways we can outfit for the range, but we have put together the list of shooting glasses you need to consider.

BEST Shooting Glasses UV Blacklight Flashlight Yellow Safety Eye protection by iLumen8

These anti fog lenses are great for low light.  If you are doing a little outdoor shooting in the evening trying to beat the heat, these lenses will help you squeeze out the last few moments of shootable light.

Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit With 5 Anti-Fog Lens Options

This is a great package of eye wear. Anti fog lenses, carrying pouch and interchangeable lenses for different lighting conditions or just what mood you are in that day.

HODGSON Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 5 Interchangeable Lenses for Men Women

This set not only looks pretty sweet, it actually is. It comes with interchangeable Polarized lenses.  Great for shooting as well as hunting, driving or fishing.

Shooting Glasses Anticrash and Antifog Lenses by Bertoni Italy – AF869 Tactical

This is probably the most comfortable entry into our list with the extra padding. The other cool thing about this pair is the adjustable lens angle. I didn’t have any idea I even needed adjustable angles until now. Now I need them!

BLUPOND Polarized Sports Sunglasses Metal Frame for Men and Women Safety Night Driving Anti Glare TITAN Shooting glasses for Fishing Golf & Baseball Eyewear

STRONG, DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: No more worrying about having your glasses broken! The special compound of magnesium and aluminum makes for a very sturdy frame that will withstand many drops and squashes. Features heavy-duty reinforced hinges!

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